Cytoplasmic Transfer Treatment in Chennai

Spindle Transfer/Cytoplasmic transfer

Cytoplasmic transfers are the injection of ooplasm obtained from women with high reproductive capacity to an infertile women’s oocytes, in order to provide higher fertilization rates. This transferred healthy ooplasm includes a small amount of cytoplasm, mitochondria, and other supportive organelles, but not DNA. Additionally, depending on the transfer of mitochondria, which is an organelle carrying its own genes may cause a misunderstanding about DNA modification for the embryo. This is scientifically impossible, because the patient’s DNA remains in the nucleus and this technique does not cause a modification of particular genes.

In our clinic, our expert embryology team will apply cytoplasmic transfer for selected patients with a special technique and the help of high technology embryology laboratory equipment. If you have any questions about cytoplasm transfers, please Contact us.

*Govt regulation will be followed.

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